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About TrueFill:

TrueFill is a Product based company who has a Research and Development team located in Pune and Business and sales team is located in the USA. We acquired a few more new enterprises long term customer in the USA and Canada that requires to double the team size here in India.

A very unique product and nothing like it existed until now in the market. Product is Fuel supplier aggregator software for very big customers who want to buy fuel in millions of gallons every month. It provides end to end fuel ordering and delivery and reconciliation of real-time invoices.

Company leaders are from ex. Yahoo, eBay and Triple Point.

We use latest .NET framework for WebAPI, .Net Core, Azure Cloud services. Mobile apps in iOS Swift and REACT native. Dynamic No SQL Databases, Firebase, Queue Services, Service bus. Fully automated DevOps. Selenium

Starting a product to implement machine learning for detecting fraud fuel deliveries in the market.

About Aumni Techworks 

  • Founded in 2016, Aumni Techworks helps software product MNCs by building and operating their fully owned teams or their subsidiaries in India. This allows MNCs to have their presence in India without having to learn/manage on how to run a business in India.
  • Unlike service companies, the teams built by Aumni are fully dedicated and have permanent jobs with product MNCs, working directly with them on their product roadmap using cutting edge technologies.
  • Some of the other product MNCs, operated by Aumni in India include Aventri, Solve Advisors, Hanu, Thinknum and Simply Closing. Our current employee strength is close to 200.

JAVA Full Stack Developer

About the Job:

We are looking for a Java Full Stack Developer who is strong with Angular as a Front-End to join our team! The ideal candidate will be highly energetic and committed to an excellent product and culture and will be a strong communicator with solid analytical skills.

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